Home For The Summer

Home For The Summer

Favourite hostess Ella Kanninen has divided her life between Finland and Italy for more than 15 years. She has often been asked about the differences between Italy and Finland during this time; where does she find everyday life easier, what does she think of the Italian healthcare system, and which country is safer to raise children in?



In our series, Home for the Summer, Ella talks with twenty Finns by the summery Helsinki sea about their similar experiences of living between two cultures.

Ella and her guests discuss Finland, and what it means to them to be Finnish. She does not shy away from steering the conversation towards topical subjects, such as immigration, the #metoo movement, and terrorism. We cannot avoid being affected by these global phenomena, but how does living abroad affect their perspective? Ella is also curious why her guests’ homes are abroad while their hearts are still in Finland.

Over the ten episodes of the series, we hear about Finnish experiences all over the world. Conductor Sakari Oramo leads orchestras in both London and Stockholm, and yet loves the silence of his Tuscany home. Chef Jaakko Sorsa serves Finnish flavours to his customers in Hong Kong. Maarit Leso-Gloser enjoys the straightforwardness of New York. There are as many reasons for having left Finland as there are guests in the show, but they all have something in common: a wish to come home, at least for the summer!

YLE TV1 Fridays at 8 PM, starting 15.6.2018