Good Evening

Good Evening

Good Evening is a big shiny floor weekend quiz show recorded in front of a live studio audience. The show is all about celebrating television and everything it has offered people throughout the years. 

The host leads two teams as they battle each other over the championship of ultimate tv-knowledge.  The teams can represent a certain profession in television or a specific television programme.  We see news anchors against tv-presenters, weather forecasters against a popular television family in drama series, or villains against nice guys etc.

One episode includes different genres that have traditional quiz show questions, but also fun parts where the teams have to guess popular theme songs, recognize famous characters from photos, and mimic different television programmes. The team that gets the highest score wins the show’s iconic golden remote control!


Viewers can be interactive with the show by playing Good Evening game on their mobile application.  The game can be played real time while watching the show and it has the same questions as in the studio. 

Good Evening is a fun show for the whole family.  It’s all about the memories of watching and making television, it’s about what it used to be and what it is now.  We celebrate the people working on television, but also the people watching it!