Superstars feat.

Superstars feat.

Superstars feat. is a brand new music factual entertainment show hosted by Elastinen, who joins forces with other music stars to make the ultimate duet-album.

Although the object of each episode is to write and record a new hit song, the show is a lot about learning more of our beloved stars and to hear their story.

In each episode the stars spend two days together. 

On the first day the guest star takes Elastinen to a place that is important to him or her. Elastinen will not know beforehand where they are going or what it is that they will do. We’ll see places that has made the guest who he/she is, like for example the place he/she first performed, or the quiet summerhouse he/she goes to get away from everything. During that day they learn to know each other, share stories about life and their careers and try to find inspiration for the new song. At the end of the day they’ve decided on what the new song will be about, based on the events and conversations they’ve had during the day

After a few weeks they spend another day together. This time, as a surprise to the guest, Elastinen has built a studio in an extraordinary location like a lighthouse, tour buss, a floating raft or in the middle of the Olympic stadium and they will compose and record a song for the upcoming album.  After the song has been recorded, they’ll also shoot a music video for the song at the same location.

Superstars feat. gives the viewers an new intimate view on the biggest stars of the nation and proves that making hit songs can be entertaining and  a lot of fun.